“At the end of the day my art is just another extension of my physical experience in this world and the world will be honored to have it.”

Born in Washington, DC’s Mount Vernon neighborhood, Aton IBé Crawley is a passionate creator. At his core, Aton is driven by bringing creative ideas to life, no matter what side of the project he’s working on: artist, or producer.
As an artist, Aton is comfortable diving in, ideating, and physically creating and bringing an idea to life. Painting and photography are his favorite medium, but sculpture, illustration, and experiential design are also very familiar skill sets.
As a producer, Aton has been a casting professional. Working along side Walter Pearce and Midland Casting agency, for brands including Hood By Air, Fenty, Gucci, Nike and more. In addition to casting, Aton usually does styling and creative direction for his own projects as well.
In the future, Aton hopes to continue merging his disparate by creatively connected interests to make compelling paintings, photography, and fashion campaigns that inspire people to stop, think, and reflect on the world we all share.